Weekly Playlist 19: The Dead

A slightly different approach this week, with a track-by-track breakdown of the playlist. There’s also a link at the end to the ongoing archive of all the playlists.

1. The Dead by Nakhane

From Nakhane’s album, which was released last year, but re-released in the UK and US this year with Anohni accompaniment on New Brighton. This is a dark, melodic track representative of the great You Will Not Die album.

2. Buoys by Panda Bear

The title track Panda Bear’s water-focused album, Buoys with his recognisable sample and loop lead experimental pop.

3. Activate by Theon Cross feat. Moses Boyd & Nubya Garcia

Theon Cross plays tuba for Sons of Kemet, but this is from his recent solo outing showing the drum and bass infused jazz making up what is a really solid album.

4. Now That I Found You by Carly Rae Jepsen

Always fun to hear a new song from Carly Rae Jepson, and this pop gem doesn’t disappoint.

5. 10 Good Reasons for Modern Drugs by The Twilight Sad

Couldn’t resist a title like this, but under any circumstances, The Twilight Sad keep alive what the best of indie has to offer.

6. Sentimental Lady by Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges

Sentimental Lady is one of Duke Ellington’s classic pieces, written in 1943. This is a late recording from 1959 which rightly focuses the attention on Johnny Hodges, showing off the skills that make him recognised as one of the world’s greatest saxophonists.

7. Con Altura by ROSALÍA & J Balvin feat. El Guincho

Is J Balvin’s thing making that hooty noise in the background of tracks? Whether it’s this or Mi Gente with Beyonce, though, you can fault a great pop track.

8. Seventeen by Sharon Van Etten

This was dismantled in a recent episode of Song Exploder, and both the song itself and that podcast are well worth many listens

9. Nursery Rhyme by Sarah Tandy

Sarah Tandy is a piano player from London and this, from her new album, is an emotional piece featuring an all-star of British jazz stars.

10. Straight To You by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

One of my favourite songs by Nick Cave, which I was reminded of, oddly, by Evan Dando’s cover on his most recent Varshons album. The cover’s not amazing, but this original certainly is.



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Weekly Playlist 18: I Want Your Love

We start this week’s playlist with a new single from Bury St Edmunds’s finest – Gaffa Tape Sandy – it’s a sweet little track from the band from my hometown and I think it deserves some more attention.

LCD Soundsystem remain one of my favourite bands, and their recent album of tracks recorded as a band (rather than the normal studio versions, which are basically James Murphy alone) is a lot of fun – a reminder of how excellent they are live. The cover of Chic’s I Want Your Love is my highlight though, with Murphy and the band giving a nod to a band who have influenced them heavily.

In the jazz-heavy second half, I’d like to draw attention to Glitter Wolf by Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom – Allison Miller is an absolutely breathtaking drummer and the whole album (also called Glitter Wolf) foregrounds her immense talent without ever feeling like relying on her virtuosity to hold attention – the tunes are great.

  1. Headlights by Gaffa Tape Sandy
  2. Open by Rhye
  3. i want your love (electric lady sessions) by LCD Soundsystem
  4. Ride by TV on the Radio
  5. Shuruba Song by Dexter Story feat. Hamelmal Abate
  6. April In Paris by Thad Jones
  7. Glitter Wolf by Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom
  8. Light Years by The National
  9. A Night In Tunisia (Live, Evening) by Sonny Rollins
  10. End IV by Giancarlo Erra


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Weekly Playlist 15: Spring Feeling

I did say on Twitter that I might not do blog posts about the weekly playlist anymore, but then I posted quite a lot on the blog this week, so here we are. At least it’s not the only thing on the blog.

The National have a new single out, so that’s got to be on there. It carries along the drum-beat heavy sound that I love. The classic acts for this week include Scott Walker, Prince and Bob Dylan (the latter’s Desolation Row being a response of sorts to TS Eliot’s The Waste Land).

I was introduced to Phoebe Bridgers’s Scott Street on one of my favourite podcasts, Song Exploder – I find that having the artist explain its construction makes me love a song all the more.

  1. You Had Your Soul with You by The National
  2. Spring Feeling by Toby Martin
  3. My Own Thing by Chance the Rapper feat. Joey Purp
  4. Montague Terrace (In Blue) by Scott Walker
  5. 2Shy by Shura
  6. When You Were Mine by Prince
  7. Comme si by Christine and the Queens
  8. Scott Street by Phoebe Bridgers
  9. Al-Mu’tasim by Cochemea
  10. Desolation Row by Bob Dylan

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Weekly Playlist 13 : 30th Century Man

I’ve been revisiting Madvillain’s 2004 behemoth of an album, Madvillainy this week. It’s difficult to choose a single track, but All Caps seems as good a place to start as any. Scott Walker’s 30th Century Man and Matthew E White’s Will You Love Me are stone-cold classics and feel appropriate for this almost-spring we’re enjoying. From there, you get an indie song, Bibio’s Curls, from this year, some Biggie, Mingus and polishing it off, a cover of Arthur Russell by Peter Broderick.


1. All Caps by Madvillain
2. 30 Century Man by Scott Walker
3. Will You Love Me by Matthew E. White
4. Curls by Bibio
5. Big Poppa by The Notorious B.I.G.
6. New Tribe by Powder
7. Ceramic by Jeremy Pelt
8. Maybe You’re the Reason by The Japanese House
9. Ecclusiastics by Charles Mingus
10. Words of Love by Peter Broderick


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Weekly Playlist 12: Super Cool

Ten more tracks to tickle your fancy for another week. I found Billie Eilish’s new track, Bury A Friend a great intro to her work. The new album due out soon seems like it’s going to be one to listen out for. Joni Mitchell’s The Jungle Line surprised me somewhat, not least because it’s a synth-led track from a jazz-folk artist, but it makes a good pairing with Eilish.

From there we got a smattering of reggae, punk and hip hop before Beck’s Super Cool, which as the song over the credits is a highlight of The Lego Movie 2 (I don’t mean that to sound so damning – watch the film – the credits are great, as The Lonely Island are only too happy to tell you in the song).

Allison Miller is an outstanding drummer and her new jazz project is well worth exploring. And then we finish up with the iconic guitar riff of Television’s Marquee Moon and the iconic strings riff of Sigur Rós’s soaring Hoppípolla.


1. bury a friend by Billie Eilish
2. The Jungle Line by Joni Mitchell
3. Everybody Bawling by The Melodians
4. Straight to Hell by The Clash
5. Tints by Anderson .Paak feat. Kendrick Lamar
7. Super Cool by Beck feat. Robyn & The Lonely Island
8. Daughter and Sun by Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom
9. Marquee Moon by Television
10. Hoppípolla by Sigur Rós


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Weekly Playlist 11: FUN!

As the title suggests, there’s a lot of fun to be had in this week’s playlist, not least from Vince Staples whose song suggested the title, but also Vampire Weekend’s return single and a classic, Bambi, from Prince. There’s a few to intrigue too, including Nativity from Elysia Crampton, full of an array of strange sounds, Min We Tun So (Slow) from Benin’s Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo de Cotonou and Mali’s Toumani Diabaté on the kora (a 21 string African lute). Finally, to mark the problematic, but entertaining, Green Book in the cinema, a track from the film’s subject, Don Shirley.


1. Harmony Hall by Vampire Weekend
2. FUN! by Vince Staples
3. Bambi by Prince
4. Jarabi by Toumani Diabaté
5. Sleep by SMX
6. Into the Red by James Blake
7. Nativity by Elysia Crampton
8. Min we tun so (slow) by Orchestre Poly-Rythmo de Cotonou
9. A Walking Embrace by Nils Frahm
10. Bridge Over Troubled Water by Don Shirley


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Weekly Playlist 10: TV On The Radio Special

I was chatting with a friend last night about TV On The Radio with a view perhaps to reviewing and ranking their albums. Before that though, here’s an intro to a wonderful band that aren’t as well known as they deserve.
1. Halfway Home
2. Happy Idiot
3. I Was A Lover
4. Family Tree
5. Wolf Like Me
6. Second Song
7. Careful You
8. DLZ
9. Staring At The Sun
10. Wash the Day


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