Playlist of the Year 2018

It’s been a great year for music, and what better way to show that than a massive playlist of all my favourite songs?

So here’s 160+ of my favourite tracks of the year:

(Apple Music Version)

It’s basically one track per artist (with the odd cheat, allowing in a couple of remixes, duets, and artists under more than one name). All, as far as I’m concerned, were released in 2018, but some might have formally come out in 2017, but after I’d finished last year’s playlist.

If 160 tracks is a bit overwhelming, here’s my favourite ten in this week’s weekly playlist.

(Apple Music Version)

Drake’s Nice for What is, by some margin, my most listened track.

Enjoy, and let me know if there’s anything I’ve missed, or anything you discover from either list.

Have a wonderful, musical 2019.