Round The Fire Stories by Arthur Conan Doyle

Since I was young, I’ve loved Sherlock Holmes stories. It was only after a trip to the London Library that I realised the huge number of books Doyle had written that didn’t feature his most famous character. (It was also here that I found out that Doyle is his surname, and Conan is one of his middle names.

The book was originally published in 1908, but remained out of print until the early 2000s when the edition I came across was published. To someone who is familiar with Sherlock Holmes, Round The Fire Stories read a lot like Holmes cases that Holmes is too busy to solve. There’s still a solution (with a similar degree of satisfaction and plausibility I’ve come to expect from other Doyle stories) but it’s delivered by another character, or just as part of the story.

As we would expect from Doyle, they’re short, fun stories. There’s nothing here that’s going to be remembered as great literature, but they’re a fun, brief diversion.

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