Weekly Playlist 9: Apple

A mix of older and new tracks with a lot of electronica this week. ANOHNI has teamed up with the South African artist, Nakhane for New Brighton, a soaring, thumping song. James Blake is also back with an album of love songs, of which Cant Believe The Way We Flow is my favourite, and finishing up, a track from last year, bringing together a Moses Sumney and Sufjan Stevens. Along the way, the inimitable sound of the Paul brothers on a Nao (this time producer AK Paul) and a new track from Beirut’s forthcoming album.


1. New Brighton by Nakhane feat. ANOHNI
2. The Apple by V V Brown
3. So Good by Nao feat. A. K. Paul
4. Can’t Believe the Way We Flow by James Blake
5. Por Qué? by Eduardo Mateo
6. Oxide by Ralph Alessi, Ravi Coltrane, Andy Milne, Drew Gress & Mark Ferber
7. Knock Me off My Feet by SOAK
8. Landslide by Beirut
9. Imbalance by Julia Kent
10. Make Out in My Car (Sufjan Stevens Version) by Moses Sumney & Sufjan Stevens


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