Impossible Soul Weekly Playlist 2

It’s been 50 years this week since the release of The White Album, so this week’s playlist starts as that album does, with McCartney’s splendid Back in the USSR. From there, the best track from the new Suspiria soundtrack, a hip hop classic, a guitar driven rock/pop track by Poppy and Grimes and from one of my favourite albums of the year, Natalie Prass’s lost and a few other old and new classics.


1. Back in the USSR by The Beatles
2. Unmade by Thom Yorke
3. Ladies FIrst by Queen Latifah and Monie Love
4. August 10 by Khruangbin
5. Starry Eyes by The Records
6. Cost Your Love by Miya Folick
7. Play Destroy by Poppy (feat Grimes)
8. Hangman by Jungle By Night
9. Lost by Natalie Prass
10. Dialogue Libretto #4 by Frank Woeste (feat. Scott Colley)

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